Monday, March 10, 2014


SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE (1986) (R) Dir. Carol Frank
74 min.

This Roger Corman-produced gem has nothing to do Slumber Party Massacre, and is instead a hokey, near-remake of Halloween 1 with the twist ending of 2.
Robert Hinkle escapes from a mental institution (not as easily as Ricky Caldwell, I might add, but easily enough) and returns to the childhood home where he had killed his family years before. Now the house is a sorority and a group of girls lead by Beth are moving in. Beth begins having inexplicable visions after as she enters the sorority. Meanwhile, the escaped killer approaches.
Genre aficionados will take no time telling where this plot is headed and everything in it is tired and 100% predictable. However, these faults are almost forgivable for the movie's earnestness and charming cable, made for Lifetime Chanel vibe. Certain shots, scenes, angles and lighting are shamelessly ripped from Halloween; more than I have ever seen in a typical Halloween ripoff. I mean, there are Bruno Mattei-esque moments of thievery here. The music is atrocious, performed by a soloist on a primitive synthesizer (which was becoming the norm of that time) and the movie could have been greatly improved with a more poundingly ominous score. No gore, but plenty of brutal retractable knifings reminiscent of Italian Giallo.
Look familiar?
When groups of girls have a friend who isn't around, do they get naked and have montages of trying on that girl clothes? Creepy. 4/10

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