Saturday, March 1, 2014


THE MUTILATOR (1985) (R) Dir. Buddy Cooper
86 min.

It's Big Ed's birthday and Little Ed decides to polish Daddy' guns as a surprise. Well, surprise! Dad's rifle goes off in Little Ed's hands and kills his mother in the next room. Big Ed comes home and proceeds to go insane. This dialogue-less opening, which is clearly meant to be shocking, is unintentionally hilarious.
Many years later, Little Ed is all grown up, and his Dad, a raging alcoholic, calls his son and tells him he has to tend to his beach house while he's away. So Little Ed, his girlfriend, and a few friends head to the beach. The problem is that Big Ed isn't away, he's sleeping in the workshed, and is hellbent on revenge.
From there on, the movie is a typical slasher fare as one by one Big Ed dispatches of his son's friends. The Mutilator leaves a lot to be desired. It's fun and hokey, for sure, but with a title like "The Mutilator" I expected more... mutilations. The gore it does have is good, and the nefarious fish-hook-in-the-vagina scene is every bit as mean-spirited as it's reputed, but the atrocious script and ridiculously bad acting leave, what should have a been a tense movie, belly up. Oh, and the theme song. What the hell was that? 6/10

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