Saturday, February 22, 2014


CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980) (R) Dir. Lewis Jackson
100 mins.

When Harry Stadling was a little boy, his father dressed up as Santa Claus for Christmas. After delighting Harry and his brother and putting them to bed. Unable to sleep, an overexcited Harry accidently stumbles upon his mother getting frisky with Ol' Saint Nick.
Years later we see Harry, working at a toy factory and unhealthily obsessed with all things Christmas, year round. He is aloof and things aren't going so well, as the factory capitalists are more interested in sales than in bringing children joy.
Hey kids, it's Uncle Dudley!
Harry begins a transformation into Santa Claus, which is the main narrative arc of the film, and soon begins spying on children in his neighborhood, logging their names and behavior on his extensive naughty and nice lists. He superglues a beard to his face in an amazing scene and as Christmas nears, his murders begin. A manhunt ensues as Harry gets more and more desperate.
Without Billy or Ricky this lineup seems... incomplete.
Christmas Evil is a great and intelligent slasher, despite many production flaws. It has more depth and is creepier than the most notable Santa-killer movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night. It's not a better movie per se, just more unpredictable. It's amazing that Silent Night gained so much outcry when this was released four years before it. 7/10

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