Saturday, February 22, 2014


HOME SWEET HOME (1981) (UR) Dir. Nettie Peña
85 mins.

Where to start. Have you ever wanted to see fitness guru Jake Steinfeld (of Body By Jake fame) shoot PCP into his tongue, run down an old lady in a stolen car whilst laughing incessantly? The movie started off strong in its first five minutes, almost like a Troma film in its over the top excess. However, the rest of the film suffers from horrible, and I mean cringe-inducing pacing, acting, and cinematography.
You do NOT want to know about this guy.
Jake plays an escaped mental patient with no conscience, who delights in killing any random person he comes across. His spree leads him to a house filled with a cast of trite, unsympathetic and annoying characters, where Jake begins killing them one by one, very slowwwwwly. That's the plot. The kills are virtually goreless, but with a little bit of krovvy, and most of them involve the massive Jake just physically overpowering his victims. There is even a scene where Jake is holding a knife about to kill man fixing his car, but opts to just hurl his massive body on the hood and crush him instead. Very anticlimactic.
Half of he film's budget is on that shirt.
The cinematography is poor and when its dark, you can't see anything. I's really grating and confusing and most of the movie takes place at night in the woods and in a house with no power. The ending drags for what seems like forever as characters repeat the same things to each other over and over again. And the sound! I counted five times the final girl's scream was resampled in one scene, one right after the other! Monotonous. Even Steinfeld's hammy performance cannot save this. Just watch the first five minutes, or just watch The Slumber Party Massacre instead. 2/10


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