Friday, February 21, 2014


OUR ROBOCOP REMAKE (2014) (UR) Dir. Various
108 mins.

This film has to be seen to be believed. It is a deconstructionist and immensely surreal retelling, that really explores and dissects the themes of the Paul Verhoeven classic. 50 directors contributed to this mind-melting piece, and despite that fact, the transitions between segments really work to the movie's benefit.

I kid you not, dear readers, this opus has everything; gore, stop-motion animated action figures, musical numbers, dance, cartoons, video games, and exploding penises. Many, many exploding penises. This all leads to a very tripped out climax that is both meta and sublime. If you are familiar with Doggie Woggiez, Poochie Woochiez!, you'll have some idea of what to expect here, though I venture to say this is superior to that film in many ways.

If you love of Robocop or psychedelia, I cannot recommend this enough. It is a love letter to the original (and altered states of consciousness). 8/10
Watch OUR ROBOCOP REMAKE on its official site:

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